Policies during Covid-19

Our priority is to keep our family, community and customers safe during this difficult time. In order to do that, we have put a few measures in place to help "flatten the curve" as much as we can. The importance to social distancing cannot be emphasised enough to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus and keep the vulnerable people of our communities as safe as possible. 

As of 18 March I have been practising social distancing, and South Africa has been in lockdown since the 26th of March. At this time couriers are delivering e-commerce goods locally, but I am still finding out when international parcels can go out.

While we are physically distancing from the world, we can still offer emotional support to each other by sharing with our wonderful crafty community online, sharing projects, progress and problems. If you want to get in touch, please feel free to email or pop on over to Hartlam's IG or Facebook profiles and message me, and don't forget to get plenty of sunshine and fresh air! 

- Michelle xx