Yarn Bases

It's all about the Base

Each yarn base has its own special character, just like the South African town it was named after. Take a little trip through our beautiful and varied country, and you will find the perfect base to embark with on your next yarn journey.


100% SW Bluefaced Leicester wool.

Alldays is a strong yarn with great stitch definition. This fingering weight yarn is ideal for socks and gloves, or to use in a colour-work project to make your stitches really pop! Cables and textured stitches will show beautifully in a semi-solid colourway.

Available in:

  • Alldays Sock - 600 metres per 150g
  • Alldays 100 Sock - 400 metres per 100g


80% Fine SW Merino, 20% Nylon. High twist yarn.

Calvinia is the perfect hard-working, yet soft yarn. The added bit of nylon makes it perfect for socks, and the fine merino content means it is lovely next to the skin. This yarn gives a good stitch definition to show those textured stitches on garments, gloves, socks or shawls.

Available in:

  • Calvinia Sock - 365 metres per 100g


100% Fine SW Merino. 

Citrusdal is a wonderfully versatile base for a variety of different projects. Made from 100% fine South African Merino this is a lovely plump yarn, that gives great stitch definition and works beautifully for any colour-work or textured stitch project. Citrusdal DK is perfect for garments, cowls, hats, shawls as well as the most smooshiest of blankets!

Available in:

  • Citrusdal DK - 212 metres per 100g


55% SW Bluefaced Leicester, 45% Silk.

The Bluefaced Leicester wool gives this yarn strength, as well as adding to the lustre of the silk. Perfect for shawls, scarves or light garments, this luxurious yarn gives a lovely drape to your fabric and is ideal for those change-of-season items to keep the chill at bay. The high silk content adds to the heat regulating properties, meaning it will keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter!

Available in:

  • Clarens Lace - 800 metres per 100g
  • Clarens Sock400 metres per 100g


70% Baby Alpaca, 20% Silk, 10% Cashmere.

Darling is the ultimate in softness among all the Hartlam bases! The combination of baby Alpaca, silk and cashmere results in a yarn that is like a cloud to hold. This yarn has a beautiful drape and a soft bloom works wonderfully for garments and shawls, or spoil yourself with a luxurious slouchy cowl. 

Available in:

  • Darling Lace - 800 metres per 100g
  • Darling Sock - 400 metres per 100g


100% Fine Superwash Merino.

Dullstroom is a super lovely and versatile yarn! A light fingering 4-ply, it is perfect for sock knitting as well as for making shawls, gloves, scarves and garments. It is a soft yarn with a nice bounce, and gives good stitch definition as well as being really easy to substitute in for many patterns.

Available in:

  • Dullstroom Sock - 400 metres per 100g


50% Fine SW Merino, 50% Silk.

Our Franschhoek base gives you the perfect blend of super fine Merino and lustrous silk. This yarn has a beautiful drape and a smooth handle, and is perfect for next-to-the-skin wear. It is well suited for garments as well as accessories, and is just a treat for your hands to work with. The silk content gives a glow to the yarn, which can give colourways an almost translucent look.

Available in:

  • Franschhoek Sock - 400 metres per 100g
  • Franschhoek DK - 212 metres per 100g


80% SW Bluefaced Leicester wool, 20% Silk.

The Bluefaced Leicester wool gives this yarn strength, as well as adding to the lustre of the touch of silk. Perfect for lace shawls, scarves or light garments, this luxurious yarn gives a light drape to your fabric and should block beautifully.

Available in:

  • Greyton Lace - 800 metres per 100g


100% Fine SW Merino.

A deliciously plump yarn that shows good stitch definition, and will be great for quick projects like hats or cowls, as well as a chunky sweater or a super cosy shawl.

Available in:

  • Kathu Worsted - 180 metres per 100g

St Lucia

100% Fine SW Merino, with a single spun construction.

St Lucia is a soft, plump yarn, with a very slight bloom. This fingering weight yarn is great for any next-to-skin wear, and is a wonderful choice for sweaters, tops, or cosy shawls. It is also lovely for hats! It really soaks up the colour beautifully, and colourways are often a little more intense on this base.

Available in:

  • St Lucia Sock - 365 metres per 100g


75% Fine Merino, 20% Silk, 5% Silver Stellina.

Sutherland is a great base for projects that are both special and hardworking! The high Merino content gives the yarn a good substance, while the silk adds a luxurious sheen and smoothness. The silver Stellina gives this yarn a hint of magic sparkle to brighten any garment or accessory. Sutherland Lace is a wonderful choice for light tops or cardigans and large, airy shawls, while Sutherland DK is perfect for sweaters, hats, cosy shawls and cowls.

Available in:

  • Sutherland Lace - 800 metres per 100g
  • Sutherland DK - 212 metres per 100g


80% Fine SW Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon.

Tulbagh is a great all-round base for almost any project! With fine Merino for substance, Cashmere for that touch of luxury, and a little nylon for strength, this yarn is super soft, cosy, and strong. This round, uniform yarn gives great stitch definition and works beautifully for any colour-work project. Tulbagh Sock makes a fantastic pair of socks, gloves or shawl, and is also wonderful for sweaters or tops, while Tulbagh DK is especially great for garments, cowls, toasty hats, and shawls that you just want to wrap yourself up in!

Available in:

  • Tulbagh Sock - 400 metres per 100g
  • Tulbagh DK - 212 metres per 100g


Nomads are special, limited edition trial bases. They have not yet been named for a town, so they are still wandering about to see if they find a place for themselves!

Please read the description of the yarn to find out what the fibre composition/meterage is. These bases may be stocked permanently in future, or they could only be a once-off edition depending on the interest and feedback about the yarn, so if you love (or hate) one, let me know!